Hydrographic Surveying

JTH Surveys is proud to introduce our newest acquisition, the Z-Boat 1800HS.
The boat is a remote hydrographic survey vessel that will maximise hydrographic survey efficiency, save time & money, increase workplace safety & execute data with industry leading results.

Features & Benefits

A few of the features & benefits of the Z-Boat include:
- 1500m Remote Range
- Survey Cost Reductions
- 0.5-200m Operation
- Accurate Data Collection
- Consistent Data
- Ideal for Hazardous Locations


The Z-Boat is usually a unique requirement for environmental agencies, Local Councils or Mining Companies for flooded pits, water storage & environmental dams, leachate & tailings ponds.
JTH Surveys also has extensive experience servicing marine monitoring & construction projects such as monitoring waterways &/or construction of jetties/piers, bridges, ports & shipping lanes.