Construction & Engineering

JTH Surveys has been servicing the Construction & Engineering industries for the past 11 years. We have extensive knowledge of the expectations & safety requirements on all scale projects throughout Queensland & Australia Wide.


JTH Surveys provides engineering and construction surveys for a range of domestic and commercial clients & include the following services;
- Green Fields Infrastructure Setout
- HV & LV electrical Setout
- Audit Surveys
- Civil & Building Setout
- Bridges & Carparks
- Dams, Railways & Tunnels
- Drainage & Creek Diversions
- Industrial Processing Plants
- Road Design & Setout
- Gas & Water Pipe Lines
- As-Constructed & As-Built Surveys


Our professional team of surveyors can assist with engineering surveys such as road designs or structural alignments. We have years of experience providing our clients this service and can guarantee you knowledge, enthusiasm and innovation.
- Structural Alignments
- Structural Monitoring
- Road Designs
- Drainage & Creek Diversions
- Audit Surveys
- Detail Mapping
- Earthworks Setouts
- Contour & Detail Surveys